What are you thankful for?



Jeffrey Vandiver poses with his sisters for a picture.

Ryan Harris, Staff

Junior Jeffrey Vandiver (pictured in the middle) was with his family this year for Thanksgiving. When asked what he did this year he said “went to my aunt’s house for a late lunch in a group of 40 people and had a close family dinner at our house later that night with about six of us.” Over a beautiful dinner with family, he said he was “thankful for my family, my friends, and my job. There’s a lot we take for granted and Thanksgiving is a very humbling day to sit back, relax, and take a minute to realize how great we have things.” Over the spread of the meal, he loaded up on his favorite food which was “mac and cheese is my favorite [sic], and if it isn’t your favorite… I think you’re wrong.” Jeffrey said “ actually in one of my classes we debated which was the best Thanksgiving food, but like in a proper debate format, we had the break to come up with a presentation and mac and cheese came out on top. Which just so happened to be my group. I also want to be clear, the mac and cheese with like that hard crumbs on top are absolutely disgusting.”