Thanksgiving with friends!


Makayla Edwards

Carter Marshall and his friends at Friendsgiving.

Makayla Edwards, Staffer

Thanksgiving isn’t just for celebrating with you family you can also celebrate with your friends and that’s what sophomore Carter Marshall decided to do. He went to sophomore ava melvians house who is also a student at sunlake high school. There were a total of “11 people” that decided to get together and have some fun to celebrated the thanksgiving holiday. They had your basic thanksgiving food like “Chicken, Ham, sweet potatoes casserole, Mac and cheese and even apple pie” said carter but they also had some more not so traditional foods like “empanadas and cookie cake.” Everyone brought food and “I brought the rotisserie chicken” said carter. After dinner they danced to popular songs from there playlist by artict such as cardi b and Megan thee stallion and just hung out with each other. They also “we went for a walk, drove to Publix, played and switch” said carter. Friendsgiving hasn’t been around that long according to goggle it dates back to a 2007 tweet “but some people credit the hit show Friends for inspiring the concept of spending the holiday with friends.” Thanksgiving isn’t just for spending time with family its for spending time with the ones you love and care about which includes friends.