The Magic of SnowCo!!


Cadyn Larscheid, a Sophomore at Sunlake, and her friends enter the dance ready to have a blast.


SnowCo is a magical event at Sunlake where students can go party and dance with their fellow peers. It is essentially homecoming but with a winter theme and presence. The event, which was held in the Sunlake gym, had many aspects at the ready to keep the students entertained, such as a photo booth, an array of drinks, and a DJ playing all the hit songs. Cadyn Larscheid, a Sophomore at Sunlake stated, “it (SnowCo) was fun with friends but it wasnt very good because there weren’t that many people,” with her speculating that if more people attended it would have been great. She also went on to state how at Snowco, “the music was way better,” and how she thinks Snowco wasn’t properly advertised as, “in the first place not many people knew about it.” Moreover, the dance lacked the people and same caliber that Hoco had only because the date and the overall production of the dance wasn’t as good. Many people believe that if Snowco happens next year and there is more advertisment around the event, then it will be loads more successful. In conclusion, the SnowCo dance is a highly anticipated day where the kids of Sunlake can come together and release the stress of school and just have fun as a whole, and the dance would be way more impactful if advertised more.