Diversity Club

Mackenzie Southworth, Staffer

Once again, diversity club met in Mr. Aquire’s room! Senior Tyler Hess described the club as “a safe space where anyone from different backgrounds are welcome. It’s a judgement free space as well as a support group for anyone who needs it.” Senior Zero Dozier relayed that “diversity club is where teens hang out after school and openly speak about their lived without fear of judgement. We speak on the LGBTQIA+ community there since, to others, they believe that what we are as a group is a weird or gross thing. We want to show everyone that it’s okay to question sexuality, gender identity and it’s not weird, stupid, or gross to be apart of such a community. With in the walls of that room, we may speak to others that know out struggles, out pains, and our conflicts. There’s white kids, black kids, Asian kids, and so many ethnic people there to learn about the LGBTQIA+ and to have fun. The last meeting we talked about different pride flags. We learned about new gender identities, and found out some people are apart of a different sexuality or gender identity that we didn’t know about. It was fun to learn about new flags and appreciate that there’s many sides to how people feel about each other”.