A New Field for a Freshman


Coach Finan

Freshman Khloe Duran plays wing-back for the JV soccer. team against River Ridge High School. Khloe says “I handle my nerves by just telling myself that I know I’m going to have a good game and keep a positive mindset.”

Toby Somerville, Staffer

As a freshman this year, Sofia Bonilla joins the Sunlake JV team. Every week during the season, she helps the team by cheering off the field and playing at midfield.

As a newcomer to Sunlake this year, freshman Khloe Duran joined Sunlake’s JV soccer team. She says, “I decided to join the soccer team this year because I wanted to get a chance to play with some new girls and at a new level.” Khloe has been playing soccer for about 11 years, starting at four years old. She says, “my favorite position to play on the field is wing back because I’m able to make runs up the field and have opportunities to cross and score but I also get to defend in the back line.” Being on the back line, Khloe needs to be in sync with the other defenders and build strong relationships with them. “All of my teammates have helped me perform better this year, but mostly the players I play with in the back line.” Khloe says the other back line players “are always keeping my head up and making sure I’m always playing the best I can.” There are many new players that Khloe is getting to know this year like Sofia, Madelyn, Sarah, Jazz, and Stefany. Khloe says “I’ve also gotten a chance to become better friends with people I’ve played with in the past, like Avery, Drew, and Mackenzie.” Khloe says she has wanted to play in a D1 college ever since she was little.