The Hawks Vs The Gators


Samuel Chacon

Niko getting ready to score the winning goal.

Samuel Chacon, Staffer

Our strong Sunlake Seahawks have a very important showdown every year against our rivalries, the Land O’ Lakes Gators called the Butterbowl. Unlike other schools in Pasco County, each sport such as boys and girls basketball, volleyball, and our overall most popular one is our Butterbowl football game. However, on December 13th our boys varsity soccer team went up on such an intense soccer match against Land O’ Lakes High School that took place at the Nest, with a final score of 2-1. At the beginning of the first half, the Land O Lakes Gators scored the first goal of the game. This lead to a loss of focus that ultimately caused frustration in the boys for the rest of the first half. During the halftime break, the boys had time to rest and to use that same frustration to motivate the players in the locker room. This gave our Seahawks time to rethink their strategies and to come together as one so they could give it their all and put up a challenge against the Gators in the second half of the game. As soon as the Seahawks walked out onto the field, they had a completely different mindset to focus on winning the Butterbowl. Within the first minute of the second half of the game, the Seahawks tied the score. The best, and the most favorited highlight of the night was that our midfielder, Nikolas Restrepo, lead the boys soccer team to victory by scoring the winning goal with ease, bringing the whole team to celebrate the amazing accomplishment. Prior to the game Niko was asked what he had felt before the game against the Gators and said, “I felt very good and confident on my team, knowing for a fact we are gonna try our hardest to beat Land O’.” Nikolas knew for a fact that if the team kept that same attitude from that game that they will not only beat Land O’ again, but any other team that they face up against..