Merry Christmas From STUCO!

Jillian Moore, editor

Pictured is senior, Maddie Haynes (left) and sophomore, Olivia Cataldo (right) helping out at the hot chocolate stand.
Pictured is student council handing out hot chocolate to students!

On December 15, Student Council decided to have a hot chocolate cart at the school to bring Student Council together to share some Christmas spirit! Sophomore Olivia Cataldo says, “The purpose of the hot chocolate stand was to bring joy to people during the holiday season and make them happy so they could start their day off good! We felt that we were making students happy and we were bringing joy to Sunlake students. We were in the hot chocolate ‘do good committee,’ so we met with our group and got all of the supplies ready, then we got to school early and set up everything, then handed out the hot chocolate with candy canes to the students.” Sophomore Melissa Dahmer who is also a part of Student Council said, “The hot chocolate stand was one of our ‘do good December projects.’ We thought giving students hot chocolate in the morning would start their day off right.” Each member of the Student Council was required to come up with or help carry out “a do good December project”. For the hot chocolate stands, about ten of the council members helped organize the stands and serve a bunch of hot chocolate to the kids at the school. Melissa said, “I personally feel like passing out hot chocolate in the morning allowed many students to feel both appreciated and appreciative. We simply spread a little bit of good in the world.” The students seemed to absolutely love the hot chocolate, especially since it has been a little chilly recently. Shout out to Student Council for this awesome idea! There is nothing like starting your school day off with a good cup of hot chocolate in the morning