Hot Chocolate Before the Big Break


Madison Haynes

Genevieve Garcia pouring in some hot chocolate mix during the hot chocolate station before break.

Leighianajean Lazo, Staffer

Right before the holiday break, one of our clubs at Sunlake decided to give out hot chocolate to students to help them with their last exam day and to also contribute to the holiday season. Student Council has offered to do a fun little thing before the holiday break starts, and I had to opportunity to ask some of the members of the club to know what they like about volunteering that day. One of the students I interviewed was Genevieve Garcia, who was one of the members in Student Council that volunteered that day at the hot chocolate station. Genevieve had said that “we decided to do it as a good deed for the holidays for students that decided to come to school on the last week before break.” This shows how warm and nice it is for the Student Council to be able to have the chance and do this for many of the students at Sunlake– which probably left a nice memory for some as many don’t experience drinking hot chocolate throughout the month of December. But giving out free hot chocolate could also have its downsides, Genevieve had mentioned that “the commons began to fill super-fast, and we ended up running and couldn’t heat the water fast enough,” this shows of how overcrowded it was during that morning with so many people lining up for some hot chocolate it was crazy. But it was worth it since lots of students had just finished exams or were tired, it was like a little reward for them. Having to serve all the hot chocolate left some good in some of the student council members, like Genevieve who had “felt like I was making people happy by giving out the hot chocolate, so I felt good.” Not just only them but all the other student council members also felt as though they made lots of students happy as they gave them free hot chocolate to sum up the week before the holidays start. That is why giving back is much greater than receiving, which shows the idea of what Student Council wanted to do. 

Student Council members busy preparing hot chocolate for the students who were waiting in line. (Madison Haynes )