Stick Shift Cars Take Over Sunlake


Gabriela Carrioni

Junior, Daniel Storchevyi posing next to his 2002 Honda Integra dc5.

Gabriela Carrioni, Staffer

Jared Santana, a junior at Sunlake High School, drives a black, 2016 Ford Mustang with an EcoBoost engine. He got the Mustang during spring break of 2022. Jared’s car has a manual transmission that he had to learn to use after learning how to drive a normal car. When asked what it was like to learn how to drive a stick shift, Jared said, “it was difficult at the start, but I got the feel of it after a couple weeks. It’s hard because most people don’t know how to drive a manual anymore so unless you have someone to teach you, it’s not really common knowledge.” Jared’s Mustang has quite a few modifications. “It is lowered, has spacers, painted calibers, black and green decal stripes, a spoiler, chin splitter, and blacked out lights.” Jared says “I don’t like my car, I love it.”

Junior, Daniel Storchevyi, drives a 2002 Honda Integra dc5. Danny got this car in August of 2022 from his older brother. He believes it is very difficult to learn how to drive manual. Danny says that, “at first, learning stick shift was pretty challenging—it would constantly stall out—but after some practice I got really good at it, and I don’t even have to think about it anymore.” Danny’s car does not have any modifications other than changing his badge. When asked how much he likes his car, Danny said, “I love my car, it’s a lot of fun to drive around, especially on a wide open road.” He also said that his favorite part about his Honda Integra “is hearing and feeling the vtec kick in.”