Sunlake’s Classics


Nathan Lee’s classic 1976 Camaro, safely stored in his garage.

Samuel Chacon

There are all types of cars here at the nest of the Sunlake Seahawks. Here at the nest’s parking lot, you’ve got your off-roaders—the jeeps and our big ol’ chevy truck drivers—who drive those vehicles in such style. We also have our non-gas users, such as our electric motor vehicles which include Teslas, Mazdas, and more. We also have our stick shifter Seahawks, who drive their manual cars where the transmission relies on the drivers to use the clutch to accelerate, unlike our automobile users who have their automatic transmissions where they do not have to. But our most prized, rarest cars are our few blue-plated classic cars. These classic cars have such a high value to their owners, including the beauty of such machinery that was invented to drive us around the world. But classic car prices are high because of the rarity and collectability of these vehicles. Since there were only a certain number of these cars made, the price goes up as they become more ancient. Senior Nathan Lee has been a 3-year owner of a 1976 Camaro classic car here at Sunlake High School. Since classic cars require a lot of maintenance to keep them in such great shape, Nathan stated, “me and my dad have been working on my car lately, so we just tuned up my car recently.” With such beauty in motor classic vehicles, one of the most cherished memories is those drives one can have either alone or with one’s group. Nathan explained what his most favorable memories were, stating “Some of my best memories with my car are the rides with the sunsets along the beach with some friends listening to music without a worry in sight, especially like a causeway or on the water.