New Year, New Beginnings


Isabella Gray

Sophomore Samuel Chacon’s New Year’s resolution is “to be more open minded to starting new friendships with others.”

Isabella Gray, Staffer

The coming of a new year represents a new chapter, a chance to grow ourselves into more than we ever knew we could be.

“I am really looking forward to the new year because it gives us a fresh start to improve on what we could’ve done the prior year,” Sophomore Samuel Chacon said.

A new year inspires us to strive to achieve our goals and ambitions. It is quite common during this time for people to create a new year’s resolution that they hope to accomplish by the next year.

“My New Year’s resolution is to become open minded to starting new friendships with others,” Samuel said. “I really want to start doing new hobbies involving with the community because I really enjoy working with others and helping the less fortunate.”

New Year’s resolutions are just one tradition that people have to celebrate a new year. Students at Sunlake High School have other traditions they have with their families to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of another.

“What me and my family do every year is have a huge family gathering at my sister’s house with family from Columbia,” Samuel said. “We have a big feast with all different types of culture foods and we light fireworks on the strike of midnight to celebrate our accomplishments of the year.”

Though we don’t know what’s ahead, we can be sure that 2023 has a lot in store for us. Happy New Year Seahawks!