A Seahawks Trip to Arizona!


Christina Collier

Pictured is Sophomore Victoria Collier attending her cousins wedding in Arizona.

Jillian Moore, editor

Pictured is Victoria, (right) her sister, (left) and her aunt (middle) at her cousins wedding.

Many of our Seahawks ventured off to many wonderful places this Christmas break! Sophomore Victoria Collier took a trip across the country to Phoenix, Arizona. In Arizona, Victoria and her family attended her cousins wedding. She got all dressed up in a beautiful black dress. The wedding took place at a big golf course. At the wedding, they had a congo line, which was Victoria’s favorite part of the wedding. She was so excited to see all of her family, and especially excited to see her cousin get married. In Arizona, Victoria also visited the Buc-ee’s convenience store, where she got a Buc-ee’s hoodie, a cup, and a key lime pie! Victoria also visited one of the national parks in Arizona, Saguaro National Park! At the park, Victoria and her mom hiked through the Tucson and the Rincon Mountains. Victoria said, “The park was so cool, but it was extremely hot, so we had to make sure we had a bunch of water with us.” The day after she visited the Saguaro National Park, she and her family went to visit the Grand Canyon National Park. Victoria saw so much wildlife there, like mountain lions, Mexican spotted owls, peregrine falcons, gopher snakes, and a lot of big lizards. Victoria said “This was probably the most exquisite place I have ever been too, the sight was absolutely beautiful, I did not want to leave at all.” At the Grand Canyon, Victoria also went on the sky walk, which is a bridge with a glass walkway that allows you to see more things with a better view. Victoria had such a fun time going on this trip to Arizona, seeing so many beautiful sights and catching up with all her family and friends!