Another Year


Isabella Wood

Junior Bianca Martinez and Senior Isabella Wood together on the New years going into 2023.

Adia Symmonds

3, 2, 1, Happy New Years!

On the last day of December, specifically December 31, as the clock goes closer to midnight, people gather around and celebrate going into the new year together. There are many parties across the world and ball drops to celebrate this event. One out of the many billion people, Junior Bianca Martinez, celebrated New Years with one of her friends. She states going into 2023 with her favorite people felt great, saying “I was surrounded by so much positivity and people who make me the happiest.”

The people who surround you on a day-to-day basis have the biggest impact on your life without you even realizing it. Finding people who have similar goals and ambition is important to pursue whatever you want to each year. Bianca says she is “looking forward to a new year that’s entirely focused on my future and college life as it’s my junior year.” She has realized her goals and what she wants to accomplish in this 2023 year. With a new year also comes the opportunity to change habits and the way people view you. Bianca looks at the new year as a chance to start “with a clean slate, new opportunities, and endless positivity” and said its a “great feeling to be able to leave the problems of the last year in the past and focus on growing more as a person during the year to come!” The realization that you can accomplish whatever you like as long as you have the will to try really hits people in the new year. People who want to change can stray from the path they previously created for themselves and create an entirely new one. Some people had a good and well-lived 2022, such as Bianca, who said, “a good memory from 2022 that stands out to me is spring break when I spent every day with the same people and we went out from early morning to night time.” They never wasted a single hour of the day and made the most of their time. This is especially important to remember as we travel through life, as we never know when something may change. Even with the new year, people may feel as though nothing has changed. Typically, there is not an immediate change when you first hit New Year’s, as many things simply don’t change that fast. But, as the year progresses, you will have many new accomplishments and achievements that have a major impact. Bianca says her “new year has been really good so far and full of opportunities for me to grow into my future self.” To start her new year off amazingly, Bianca got selected for a selection game where she had a positive performance in front of potential future colleges she may attend. Whether or not she goes to college for soccer, she has presented herself well in the opening days of 2023. 2023 brings new opportunities, and new paths to take in life, and its your turn to achieve them.