Sunlake Basketball


Noah Sagnip

Junior Ricardo Diaz-Torres about to score in one of the recent basketball games.

Ryan Harris, Staffer

Junior Ricardo Diaz-Torres is a returning basketball player to Sunlakes basketball program. He has played for school team for years, starting with Rushe and worked the ranks as a returning varsity star. Ricardo has played under Head Coach Michael Davis for his time as a Seahawk. As his junior seasons begins to come to a close, like most players, it’s a time for athletes to look back at the season and reflect on the memories they’ve made. When Ricardo was asked what some of his best moments from his junior year are, he said “One of my best moments was being able to beat CDS with my teammates. It was one of the best games we played together, and I felt super great to be part of that.” When asked why that was one of his best moments Ricardo said, “Because no one expected us to win that game, but we did, so that was definitely a highlight moment.” Ricardo plans to finish his high school career playing for the Seahawks, and he is a valued player and an asset to Sunlake’s basketball program. All of his players and coaches look forward to his talent and what he can bring to the team coming his senior year.