Seahawk Pride!


Pictured is Olivia after cheering at one of the Sunlake football games.

Jillian Moore, staffer

Our Seahawks here at Sunlake Highschool have so many amazing hobbies and talents! Freshman Olivia Fink has one that she especially loves so much… cheerleading! Olivia has been cheering for about eight months at Sunlake High School. Olivia stated, “There are so many things about cheer that I love, but having fun with my friends and learning new things are some of my favorite things about cheer.” She loves stunting and tumbling with her teammates.

Olivia had some friends that had been cheering, which inspired her to start cheering, so she decided that it was something she really wanted to partake in and eventually join. She has really enjoyed cheering, especially sideline cheer. Olivia loves the excitement from the stands and the overall atmosphere of the crowd at football games. Olivia said, “Cheering for football games [is] always super fun and lively, especially when the boys score a touchdown!” Olivia is a top girl, or a “flyer” when it comes to stunting. The top girls are the girls that get thrown in the air! Olivia has gotten so much more confident in flying now than she was when she first started cheering. She has progressed so much in cheer and is so happy that she got into it!