Chills and Thrills on Winter Break


Sophomore Gavin Brown (on the left) With his family in Virginia over Christmas break.

Ben Hock, Staffer

Our Sunlake Seahawks enjoyed a winter break in a variety of ways. Whether that is going to a concert like 10th grader Beau Hock or simply traveling to see family like 10th grader Gavin Brown did. Beau went with his family to see the Trans-Siberian orchestra play live at the Amaile arena in Tampa. The band most notably plays the rock cover of Carol of the Bells. Beau said, “Overall, I enjoyed the experience and I really liked watching the guitarists play since I also play the guitar.” The concert was around 3 hours long and they were able to make a memory that’ll last a lifetime. He also said “I would definitely go again next year if given the chance. It was just really cool to see.”

In contrast to Beau, sophomore Gavin Brown had a more traditional Christmas break. He traveled to Virginia to visit his grandparents. Gavin’s noted his favorite part. “It was cool because we got to go through their attic and find a bunch of antique stuff like books and this board game from the 80’s called Dark Tower.” He enjoyed seeing his grandparents and the change of scenery of Virginia as opposed to Florida.