Gaming His Way Through the Year


James Magos

Nicholas Magos plays video games at home.

James Magos, Staffer

Here at Sunlake High School, students do a lot more than do school work. Students have plenty of things that they are interested in. Some people go to the gym, work on cars, have a sport they play, or play an instrument. Nicholas Magos is a sophomore here at Sunlake, and one of his passions is video games.

Nick enjoying his time with video games

“Video games are something that I really enjoy doing. It is something that is really relaxing after a long day at school and is really fun.” Some of his favorite games are Street Fighter, Pokemon, Fortnite, and Super Smash Bros. “Pokemon Scarlet is an open world game that I have been playing recently. You can catch and trade Pokemon, and you can progress the Pokemon as the game goes on.” Nick mainly plays his video games on the Nintendo Switch and his PC.

Nicholas playing Pokemon Scarlet

While Nick plays video games, he is also a great student, recently making honor role. When I asked him how he is able to manage time between his school work and his free time, he said, “I am able to manage my time between work and my personal life by staying disciplined. You need to if you want to have good grades. When I am all done with work, then I am able to get some game time in my day.”