Freshman Spotlight


Lillian Gaskins

Freshman Sofia hitting a spike in a game versus Tampa Catholic.

Adia Symmonds, Staffer

Located in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, Sunlake High School has many people with different backgrounds and talents. Across many grades there are many things’ people are good at. Freshman Sofia Sierra is exceptionally talented at volleyball, making the varsity team as 1 of the 2 freshman that made it. Sofia has “been playing volleyball for 7 years and [has] also played club volleyball for 6” years working on the same skills to get better. Working on perfecting a sport takes many, many years of practice and discipline to improve. Time that numerous amounts of people will not give up. When Sofia made varsity as a freshman, she says it “was truly one of the highlights of my volleyball career because I felt like all the hard work, time, energy and effort I put into the sport finally paid off.” The varsity volleyball team at Sunlake had a positive record of 13 wins and 10 losses overall. Outside of school ball a big accomplishment of Sofia is “coming in second for the AAU National Championship and qualifying for the Junior Olympics for 3 years now”. Sofia has accomplished many things people dream of reaching when they are younger. She is extremely grateful for the “safe and positive environment” Sunlake has provided for her. Sofia is a very talented volleyball player that will continue to improve and grow just like the rest of the talented kids at Sunlake High School.

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