New Talents, New Rapping


Liv Moore

Brady Lasiewski (Freshman) also known as Brady Tonka

Noah Sagnip, Staffer

Sunlake High School is a school of talent. As new students come into the school, new talents arise. For freshman Brady Lasiewski, he sets his legacy as a student, baseball player, and most especially music artist. Also known as Brady Tonka, Brady is passionate about his hobby of rapping and enjoys making music outside of school. Brady Tonka is on the come up and there is no doubt about it. 


Brady started his rapping career very recently and has sparked up a storm with his friends and others who listen to his music. “I started rapping in the summer of 2021 after a good friend of mine suggested it to me. When I started, I knew I had potential because of the versatility I have and the way I can go with the flow.” Rapping is a special talent as the rhythm and style of it is one of a kind. In all rappers, deep down they have an inspiration and someone who inspired them to start their career. “My inspirations when I started making music were rappers Baby J and Yeat. I would not be where I am today without Baby J, he is the one that showed me how to freestyle and how to produce and stream music. I also look up to rapper Yeat because he is a great example of how hard work and consistency can get you straight to the top, as he busted on to the scene mid 2021 and has been on top of the game since.” When asked about his unique name, Brady says, “Yeat was also the inspiration behind my infamous rapper name “Brady Tonka” or Tonka for short since that is what he calls his custom Mercedes Benz AMG which is a gigantic and powerful SUV.” Many rappers rap about their lifestyle, about their love life, or about money, but for Brady Tonka, his anger fuels his energy to rap. “When I feel angry, I usually write my songs as they tend to have an unforgettable flare to them when I write them that way. It’s also a great way to let off some steam and stress.” When asked about his favorite song he made, he says “To date my favorite song I have ever made has to be Bail Ft. Lil Low and Baby J. This song was a creative masterpiece as it contains a minute and fifty seconds of well thought out and meaningful lyrics that complement the excellent instrumental behind it. I like it so much because it featured two of my closest friends, Lil Low and Baby J.” For the future, Brady Tonka will continue his great rapping career and continue to chase what he loves doing. “As of now, I do plan to continue rapping in the future as it seems to be very bright. Make sure to stay tuned because there is an album and many songs to come out in the near future as well. Thank you.”  

Brady Lasiewski (Freshman) aka. Brady Tonka (Liv Moore)