New Years


Erin and Ashley Vandiver celebrating New Years with her friends.

Ryan Harris, Staffer

As we rang in 2023, senior Erin Vandiver spent her time with some of her best friends and her senior sister Ashley Vandiver. Erin had a party with some of her closest friends at their house. This year when asked if she had any resolutions for 2023, she said she wants “to cut all the negativity out of my life!”

Devan Parekh also a Senior pictured above Erin Vandiver told us for New Year he did “Nothing too crazy, got together with some friends to celebrate and played some games all night with the ball drop in the background.” When asked about his New Year resolution, he told us that “My only one currently is to find the will to go to school every morning.” When asked about the success of his New Years resolution he told us that “Every day, it gets harder and harder. Hit the snooze button one more time every week,” which is something we can all say we’re guilty of. As Devan is a senior, he’s about to leave for college. We asked Devan if he had any big plans or goals before he goes off to college, and he told us “Not really at the moment, the big goal is just getting accepted where I want to go and get out of here.” Like most of our seniors, admission results are being ruled out and we wish all our Senior Seahawks the best of luck!