A Freshman Singer


Sofia Sierra

Sofia Sierra singing her heart out at a wedding she attended.

Leighianajean Lazo, Staffer

Various hobbies help define a person’s ability to grasp different concepts- like the arts, music, logic and much more. At Sunlake, many students have lots of different talents; some of them share their abilities with the public, while others keep it to themselves but share it with the world outside of school. A student here at Sunlake, freshman Sofia Sierra, has quite an amazing talent. She states that she sings “…for a hobby and I’ve been singing for the past 5-6 years.” What Sofia also brings up is how much singing changed her by how she “first, started singing just because it was something I wanted to do when I was little, but it impacted me in a way that lets me feel comforted and safe.” Singing for Sofia has impacted and helped her find much more meaning in her own life than when she started, Sofia had mainly did it “because of my love for music and writing. There was always something about making music combinations and singing to my family that I enjoyed. I truly hope to keep this talent in the future.” She describes music as something everyone could enjoy, and that made her start to do what she loves the most- singing. Sofia just wanted to express her emotions through music and writing and with the gift she has, she could be able to express. But what had kept her going is her “two biggest inspirations that help me continue my hobby are my dad and grandfather. My grandfather was a past musician and my dad loves to play the guitar. They both push me to be the best version of myself that I could.” Sofia emphasizes how both her father and grandfather inspired her to become a musician and aid her on who she is today. 

Sofia Sierra singing at a wedding. (Sofia Sierra)