Where Do You See Yourself in Ten Years?


Isabella Gray

Senior Zachary Peterson posing for a picture. “In 10 years I see myself doing a job related to art, maybe even game design,” Zachary said.

Isabella Gray, Staffer

Ten years is a long time if you think about it, especially for seniors in high school. It’s really hard to know where you’ll be when you are an adult.

“In 10 years I see myself doing a job related to art, be it graphic design or freelance art. Maybe even game design,” Senior Zachary Peterson said. “I do believe my goals are attainable because they are not that complex.”

Zachary is very involved in theater both in and out of school. He was in the school’s production of a Midsummer Night’s Dream and he is involved in an acting studio outside of school.

“I am nervous about the future,” Zachary said. “Because it’s uncertain and I’m honestly anxious about everything.”

When asked if this is where he’d thought he’d be ten years ago he said: “Me ten years ago wasn’t thinking about where I’d be today,” Zach said. “So I don’t think so to be honest, especially since I had no idea that I’d ever live in Florida which I’ve lived in since 7th grade.”

Nobody is quite certain of what the future will bring but we can be certain that there will be a lot of growth in the years to come.