You Are What You Listen To


Axel Axel

Sophomore Axel Axel performing in the Sunlake Band

Jack Lonon, Staffer

Sophomore Axel Axel has an extra special connection with music. He first became more interested in music “in my [sic] freshman year, when I first joined band.” He explainted, “I [sic] joined band to make friends and have something to do after school.” In Sunlake’s band, Axel plays “auxiliary and drumset,” the former being “a bunch of instruments on a rack, such as bass drum and gong.” Though, his favorite is the drumset. If he were ever to drop his own album, “the title would probably have just a long title that didn’t make sense.” Music isn’t his only passion though: career-wise, he wants to “be a homicide detective or do something in forensics,” and keep music as a hobby.

Aside from playing music, Axel also loves to listen to it. “My favorite bands and musicians would probably be Blut Aus Nord, The Cure, and Jesse Jo Stark.” His love for alternative music is a sharp contrast from the music he plays in the band; he has quite an eclectic ear! Axel can’t take all the credit for his niche taste, however, saying that his friend “Marshall has influenced my [sic] music taste the most.” His dream concert lineup would be “Blut Aus Nord, Behemoth, and Ash Pool.” Hopefully, his dream comes true one day. Then, he’d be the first in line for tickets!

Sophomore Axel Axel performing in the Sunlake Band (Axel Axel)