A Bright Future for our Seahawks!


Mackenzie Southworth

Pictured is senior Joshua Nina

Jillian Moore, Staffer

Senior, Joshua Nina has a very bright future ahead of him! Josh stated, “In ten years, I will be a hospital pharmacist, prescribing, delivering, and administering medication to patients. After graduating from The University of South Florida, completing pharmacy school, and obtaining my Doctor of Pharmacy doctorate degree, I plan on moving to a large city (preferably Atlanta).” Josh has very many goals, but two of his most important ones are to earn his degree in biology or biomedical sciences and to finish school with as little debt as possible. Josh stated that “In order to achieve these goals, I must maintain a proper balance between work and leisure. Too much of either will be detrimental to my success.” To already help him achieve these goals, Josh said that “Throughout high school, I have worked as hard as possible to earn good grades and a high GPA/grade point average, which has put me in a position to go to college and earn many scholarships. I have also participated in programs like the University of Wisconsin-Madison Pharmacy camp to put me a step ahead.” In the future, regarding Josh having kids, he sees himself with one child, but he says that is difficult to predict. He also sees himself purchasing a miniature pinscher, despite his mild dog allergy.