A Dedicated Bracelet maker


Arianna Ramos

Arianna Ramos making Kandi bracelets.

Leighianajean Lazo, Staffer

People who have hobbies or a talent of some sort often are passionate about the work they do in order to become better. Lots of them share their work with fellow peers or even close friends and family, because many are proud of what they create, and the time put into it. Like at Sunlake high school, lots of students have various hobbies they do on the side while attending school, many of them enjoy sports, arts, or music. One of the students is a sophomore- Arianna Ramos, who creates a type of bracelet called Kandi, which are more complex bracelets but very colorful at the same time. Arianna explains how they “…enjoy it and it helps me be relaxed. I started this because I thought other people’s bracelets looked cool.” They show to have a passion for bracelet making as to their eyes it’s seen as an amazing creation to make. They also explained more on their inspiration as “other people’s creativity and creations inspired me to start! It’s helped me relax and given me something to do when I’m stressed out.” Creating bracelets for Arianna became a stress- reliever and a growing passion as other creations of Kandi bracelets inspired them to create some of their own. Making bracelets wasn’t just a temporary hobby for them, Arianna had stated to have been doing “this since I was in 7th grade, and I’ve continued it for so long because there’s so much, I can do and there aren’t limit to what I can’t do.” For a couple of years Arianna had deeply been fond of the art of making bracelets and said to “…plan on continuing what I’ll do, I enjoy it and I enjoy expressing my creativity in this way.” Arianna is an example of a person who is dedicated to their art and who proceeds to continue it because of the way it makes them feel, and the excitement that comes with it when finishing up a bracelet and seeing your accomplishment in one piece.  

Arianna’s array of Kandi bracelets. (Arianna Ramos)