Basketball or Nothing


James Magos, Staffer

Anthony Balaskas is a freshman here at Sunlake High School. There are a lot of hobbies to pick from, including sports, photography, video games, cars. Anthony specifically, enjoys participating in athletics, and he plays basketball. “I have been playing basketball just about over a year. I got into the sport after watching the NBA, for a couple of months.”

“Man, Basketball is my favorite sport by far. One of my favorite players is Ja Morant on the Memphis Grizzlies. He is one of the best players in the league.” I asked Anthony what his favorite thing about playing basketball is. “One of my favorite things about playing basketball is just being able to spend time and play and connect with my friends. The sport is special,” Anthony responded.

Anthony added on by saying, “I also play NBA 2k. I play it all the time. I got NBA 2k23 for Christmas this year and it is by far my favorite and most played game.” Not only does Anthony enjoy playing basketball in real life, he loves all things themed basketball outside of the courts. Particularly, he’s played a bunch of  basketball themed video games. “I play a lot of my career, which is where you control your own player. You can play offline in the game mode and play through seasons or play online with friends and upgrade your player.”

“I love basketball, it is special to me,” Anthony finished.

Anthony getting ready to take a shot (James Magos)