Dancing into life


Abigail Menard performing on stage in front of a large audience.

Ryan Harris, Staff

Sophomore Abigail Menard has a long love for dance. She told us that “I’ve been dancing for 12 and 8 of those years have been competitive.” With her 12 years of dancing, Abigail has made an abundance of happy memories. When asked what her most memorable competition was, Abigail said: “Probably my first competition last season. I had just switched dance studios after 10 years and I didn’t know how this studio acted at competitions. Right before my solo, a bunch of my friends came backstage to support me before I went onstage. As soon as I came off, they were all waiting to tell me that they thought I did incredible. It meant a lot to have their encouragement and support.” After moving to a new studio after being at one for so long she said, “I love it here. Everyone here feels like family, and they are all so supportive and encouraging. I couldn’t be happier.” For Abigail, dance isn’t just a high school hobby. She revealed that she “hope(s) to continue doing it through college and most likely longer, because it’s something I’ve grown up doing and I couldn’t imagine life without it. Whether that’s in a professional way or just for fun only time will tell.”