A Soaring Sophomore!

Jack Svengard, Staffer

Izabella Kullman places fourth in a Tournament for wrestling.
Izabella Kullman winning a wrestling match.

Izabella Kullman is a kind-hearted student at Sunlake High School. As a sophomore, she enjoys many different activities and has a variety of hobbies, such as wrestling, hanging with friends, swimming, and going to the beach. She states why she loves wrestling so much, as it’s “like a family. My [sic] coaches and teammates make me feel really comfortable. We have a fun time, and they always encourage me to do better.” She stated how the wrestling team is like a support system for her no matter where she places or how she does in the actual wrestling tournaments. her teammates will still uplift her and have her back. Izabella went on to express her appreciation for Sunlake as a school. “I wouldn’t be who I am today without the amazing people I’ve met here [at Sunlake], and I’m very grateful for how far I’ve come.” She turns out to be a very well-rounded student, having placement in very academic, advanced classes, participating in athletics, and having a close circle of friends. Overall, Izabella is a hard-working sophomore who loves participating and being a part of the Seahawk community.