10 Year Plan: Isabelle Steady


Katheryn Miles

Isabella Steady posing.

Leighianajean Lazo, Staffer

10 years is a long time for many seniors in high school to decide what they are going to do in their life, and the many possibilities of challenges they will face. Some of the seniors at Sunlake High School had already decided on the path their future selves want to take, while others are still deciding on what they should do with their lives and just wait for an opportunity to come. Isabella Steady is a senior here at Sunlake and had stated “10 years from now I see myself using my career path, community, and circumstances to continue to help other people, and encourage and push others. That is one of the most important things to me.” Isabella has a big heart for using the opportunities around her to help others succeed and be their motivation. She also aspires “in the next 10 years I will hope to have travelled to a variety of places like Hawaii, Italy, Costa Rica, and hopefully many more.” Like a lot of people who are graduating in a few months want to be able to feel free and enjoy their life before they are headed into college and won’t have any more the opportunity to explore and venture out. Isabella already plans to be able to have her dream job as “…a marine biologist doing research probably on a boat somewhere. I want to keep learning for as long as I can.” She also continued saying that by that time, Isabella states on “… [thinking] about starting a family around that time as well and living in a small town by the beach is a non- negotiable for me.”  She wishes to enjoy her life as much as she can in her early years of adulthood and be able to travel, then to be able to settle down. When she can travel, Isabelle hopes to be “…fluent in at least 2 or 3 more languages and have already travelled to places that speak to them. I also hope to have advanced in my career and be working on a big research project.” Isabelle seems to have all her dreams and goals already planned and to expand even more of what she wants to achieve and venture throughout her long life, she states “I am so excited for the future... I know that God has a plan and a purpose for everything that happens in life and that whatever comes my way will ultimately be for my good!”