Saving the Earth One Bottle At a Time

Adia Symmonds, Staffer

The Earth is composed of land and water, with our oceans constituting 71% of the planet. Over the years, it has become very polluted due to human actions. Humans have taken advantage and have thrown plastic materials into garbage deposits and have continued to discard trash and litter without care. These plastic items decompose at an extremely slow rate. They get caught in oceans and suffocate animals to death, as well as impairing many animals before. There are many programs open to the public that people can join to help clean up the Earth we live on. Or society could take one simple step and encourage everyone to recycle. Not just at school, or a job, but to make an effort everywhere you go to recycle. A student at Sunlake High School that takes an effort to recycle is sophomore Johnathan Chu. He says he likes “to recycle because it preserves the environment for future generations and protects biodiversity.” Recycling groups encourage people to be like him and “buy recycled products such as recycled notebooks and paper products”; this helps with the damage to forests and helps save the animals from plastic in their environment. Anything and everything can help make the Earth cleaner and stop pollution from damaging the place we know and love. When asked Johnathan what he would say to other people, he says he “would ask them to consider future generations and ask them the cleanliness of their ideal world” to convince them to put in a little effort. The Earth could get cleaner one step at a time if everyone put in the effort to help.