Creating in 3D


Katheryn Miles

Frederic Bowen poses with his 3D art pottery.

Ella Infanger, Staffer

One of our many elective options here at Sunlake is our 3D Art classes. These classes allow students to create art with dimensions like height, width, and depth. It opens a new door of creativity for students to express themselves and show their talent. Options are endless when it comes to materials and objects for 3D art. One popular form is pottery and ceramic art. Made from clay and raw materials, pottery is fired at high temperatures to create pots and ceramics. One of the most talented 3D artists at our school is senior Frederic Bowen. He is currently working on a vase and it’s “the largest one I’ve thrown on the wheel.” Many steps go into creating pottery. In this piece Frederic “used mid-fire clay and a pottery wheel” to form the shape of the vase. To finish the piece, he plans to glaze it and give it to his family. “I enjoy making art,” Frederic explains, “because it is relaxing and a fun way to channel creativity.” Art is subjective and an expression of personal perspective. Overall, he enjoys making lamps the most and plans to make more in the future. “It is fun to make lamps because the light brings the colors to life,” he shares. Sunlake’s 3D art students have created many innovative pieces that bring life and color to our school.

Frederic Bowen poses with his 3D art pottery. (Katheryn Miles)