Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Gabriela Carrioni, Staffer

In almost every classroom at Sunlake High School, there is at least one recycling bin available for use. Regardless of this, it is hard to find students who are willing to go the extra mile and separate their trash and recycling. Sophomore Carter Newton never recycled himself. However, he says “starting to make things in 3-D studio art made me more aware of things that should be recycled. A lot of paper products are used to make the pieces that we do in the class, and our teacher has a huge recycling bin for everyone to use.” Although he doesn’t recycle at home, Carter wants to take steps to make recycling a muscle memory. “I think if I start recycling more at school, I will hopefully start recycling more in other places and maybe even at home without even thinking about it.” Carter says that he knows recycling is good for the environment but doesn’t “know why recycling was never a habit [he] had before.” As a community, there are may ways to recycle and even the littlest bits can make a difference. So as you eat or use different things, try to save the earth by recycling one thing at a time.

Sophomore, Carter Newton recycling in his 3-D studio art class. (Gabriela)