Katies Colorful Passion


Samuel Chacon, Staffer

Junior Katie Phipps is in her junior year here at Sunlake High School. Outside of school Katie takes part in various activities, but color guard is the one she is most involved in. Katie has been in color guard since the end of her freshman year in 2021 and is about to finish her fourth season this year. The team she is on recently entered the Scholastic World Class category, which made the team work harder to achieve their goals. Every person has a story to tell about what jumpstarted their interest in a hobby. Katie has built up so many memories since the day she started. She says that her favorite one currently was from her last winter season. “One of my favorite memories is FFCC championships in Daytona Beach last winter season. We all sat around in our dressing room and passed around yarn to connect ourselves together and then cut the yarn to tie our ankles. We are supposed to keep the yarn on until it falls off, but whenever it does, we are supposed to look back on all the wonderful memories of the season and reminisce on them.” Katie also says that “Color guard makes me feel so ecstatic! I love my team, and competition days are my favorite.”