A Hot Hobby


Hot One's Jr - YouTube

Ryan Harris (Junior) opening one of his episodes of Hot One’s Jr.

Noah Sagnip, Staffer

Ryan Harris (Junior) and Zachary Merriman (Junior) during a video of Hot One’s Jr. featuring Zach. (Hot One’s Jr – YouTube)

All around Sunlake High School, students share many talents, hobbies, and special interests they do outside of school. Whether it may be a sport, work, or an interesting hobby, Seahawks are all unique in their own ways. For a special feature in the junior class, Ryan Harris produces, films, and posts his own special talk show on YouTube—Hot One’s Jr.

Hot One’s Jr is Ryan’s own talk show where he takes a friend, adult, or anybody else and interviews them while eating hot wings on a scale of extreme spice. It truly is a great production and entertaining show. To start his show Ryan says, “I started doing Hot One’s Jr because I thought the show was actually hilarious. I realized it wouldn’t be that hard to do it myself because I already had all the gear and all I needed was the hot sauces.” He continues by saying, “I actually been on YouTube for six years and everything I’ve learned was through YouTube. However, this truly felt like my first real produced show.” Ryan has his own studio to film all his videos at his own house. He says, “My favorite part of doing the show is either setting up the set to start the show or sitting down with guests and seeing their faces light up and sweat dripping down their face.” For the future, Ryan says, “I probably won’t continue doing it in life just because of the legal aspect. And just because I have more goals in life that I just won’t have time, because believe it or not doing everything by yourself does take a lot of time.” Ryan’s talent really helped him start his own hobby of creating his show and truly enjoyed doing it.