His 3D project.


micah karr with his abstract 3d art project.

Makayla Edwards, Staffer

Junior Micah Karr Is a 3D art student who likes to make abstract and sort of gothic art pieces. He has been doing 3D art since he was a kid. He would make “little pinch pots” when he was younger. A lot of people express themselves through the art they make, but for some, they just go off of what’s really on their minds and continue to add to the piece until they feel it looks good enough. Micah gave us a incite into the art piece above and walked us through the steps of making it as well as what was used. “So I poured them, then cured, like, 30 minutes later. So it’s like a rock. I don’t know if you can hear it. It’s solid… And then I put a mask on it and then put [a] paper machine over the mask, and then I spray painted it black… I got bored of the black, so I started painting on it. And then I drew, like, random patterns on the face, and I made the face melt into this concrete. And I was just like, yeah, this is crazy. And then I put glitter on it. Glitter is dope. And it’s, like, drool out of his eyes and mouth because, again, he’s melting. And put this cool nose ring.”

The whole project is made from “support cement” and he has gone through a lot of trial and error. But, he finally felt that the project he showed us was perfect although he may change it more or add more to it later on.