Written By Kian Tavakoli


Kian Tavakoli crafting his next great story

Ryan Harris, Staff

Kian Tavakoli brings his ideas to life. When that pencil hits the paper or the new blank document gets created, Kian gets to work.

Kian has been writing his stories “since 6th grade but I [sic] stopped doing it in 10th grade. Then I went back to doing it in 11th grade.” Kian realized he had a talent for acting and said this opened the door to writing. His process is a very simple one but produces great outcomes. He said, “Whenever I make stories, I write scripts for the certain characters to say.” While coming up with characters, he uses his “teachers and my classmates” as his inspiration. Although he doesn’t want a job writing stories in his future, he uses his talent to help him out. He told us that “I get uncomfortable whenever I have to talk in front of a lot of people.” He said writing stories helps him with getting comfortable. Kian is such a talented writer that when asked what story he is most proud of, he told us that, “I can’t really think of one because I am proud of all of them.” Kian uses his talent through his day-to-day life not just as a hobby, but as way for him to get things done and show his creative side.