A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


Alli Fernandez

Junior Connor Larkins snapping a photo with his camera.

Jack Lonon, Staffer

Junior Connor Larkins has been pursuing a new hobby in photography for “about four months. I [sic] wanted to show that everything can be beautiful in its own way.” His interest was first sparked when “I [sic] took my first ever photo of my friend. That really grabbed my interest and it showed me that I could really start taking photography seriously.” Connor is the only photographer in his family, but he does share it with a few of his friends, who have helped him on his journey to becoming a photographer.

Connor’s favorite thing to photograph is his friends and family. “I like the process of taking photos because I like to show people how things work and to hear their stories,” Connor said. So far, he’s learned that “sometimes, it’s not about the picture; it’s about the story behind it.” Photography requires a variety of different skills, but the most valuable one Connor has gained since starting this hobby is “being able to be more open with people and use my communication skills to my fullest ability.” He has fallen in love with photography, and in the future, he says he “would like to work for a company to take more pictures.”