Side by Side – Bella and Lili Sanchez


Photo by: Andres Portillo

Lili helps Bella study for her AP Gov test

Joy Bouserhal, Staffer

Sunlake High School features many sibling, including Isabella and Liliana Sanchez. The senior and sophomore duo must not only deal with each other at home, but at school as well. Pushing differences aside, the pair always knows they have each other to depend on. When asked if the pair formed any new bonds or connections this past summer, Bella responded with, “Over the past few months with everything going on in the world, I feel like we have really turned to each other for help with whatever we needed. We have really became best friends over the past few months and I feel really happy knowing I’ll always have someone there for me.” Many students took these past couple of months to reflect on their sibling relationships and lean on each other in times of need.

Bella and Lili pose on the first Friday of the 2020-2021 school year, senior takeover day (Photo by: Peyton Welch)

“Going to school with my older sister definitely feels weird, but we don’t really see each other until the end of the day. I’ve always been like a little sister to Bella’s friends so when I started last year it made it a lot easier knowing that I already was familiar with at least some other people.” Lili commented. Many siblings have a small age gap which results in them knowing and potentially becoming friends with the same people. Teachers often recognize students faces or last names because they taught an older sibling previously. Sibling legacy is a common reoccurring concept that allows a family bloodline to soar through Sunlake for longer than just the basic four years.

Sibling fun doesn’t only end in school, it stretches from home all the way to different countries when family vacations play out. In reality, things don’t always go as planned. One may have a certain plan in mind but instead something else arises. This is similar to the the Sanchez sisters who, “really like to go to downtown and find thrift stores or try out a lot of different cute restaurants or shops.” according to Lili. Due to certain circumstances, Bella responded that the pair ends up, “spending a lot of time just hanging out at home with each other if we aren’t going shopping or grabbing something to eat. We love to hang out just us.” At the end of the day, ones sibling will be a forever best friend. Growing up side by side and facing various obstacles together is a key factor that binds siblings together for life. No matter where the pair ends up, they know they’ll always have each other.