Who is she – Lauren Huffman


Photo Credit: Claire Huffman

Claire Huffman, Staffer

Lauren Huffman is ironing clothes. Photo credits: Claire Huffman

Lauren Huffman is a senior at Sunlake High school, who is doing online school. I asked Lauren what was new about this year to her. She said, “I’m doing my school online, so I have to zoom for all of my classes.” Lauren is taking three Ap classes this year so she can get a high school and college credit. What classes are you taking this year? “AP Calculus, AP Literature, AP Microeconomics, Journalism, Peer Counseling, and Leadership skills development. What’s your opinion about online school? “I like online school because, I am a better listener as a student, I don’t really like to join in the discussions. Zoom offers students visual and audio learning which is perfect because it resembles that “in school feeling.” It is also nice to be home and avoid the morning stresses of rushing out the door and fighting the morning traffic. She can sleep in a little later too. What’s your dream college? University of Florida. Lauren will have to choose a state school in Florida because she has prepaid college fundWhat are you most looking forward to after high school? “Becoming an adult and getting out of high school and making new friends in college. What will you miss most about high school? “What I will miss is my friends and football games, and the high school experience. What career do you plan to pursue? “Becoming a radiologist.” Lauren has a desire to become a radiologist for multiple reason. Lauren attended a program with professional women, one being an orthopedic surgeon. She experienced what they do for a day. She was influenced by her parents who are in the medical field. She would see them wearing their scrubs and see them discussing their jobs each day. She also loves the show Grey’s Anatomy.