Just Brew It – Annie Le


Photo by: Kayla Alderman

Annie creates a drink for a customer during the evening shift.

Joy Bouserhal, Staffer

As students progress through high school, they become less dependent on their parents and more dependent on themselves. Managing a job as a high school student is a great way for teens to start possessing real-world responsibilities. Sunlake Senior, Annie Le, recently got hired as a barista at Starbucks and when asked how she manages to balance work and school at the same time, she replied with, ” I prioritize what I need to get done. It has definitely been a challenge but I just take it one day at a time.” Annie, who is president of the class of 2021, uses her time-management skills in order to effectively excel in her AP classes during the day and become a team player with her coworkers in the evening.

Annie hands a drink to her coworker who then passed it to the customer at the window (Photo by: Kayla)

Starbucks is Annie’s first job and so far she says, “The thing I love most about working at Starbucks is the people. I love the different stories and personalities that walk through our cafe. It makes every shift so much ore interesting.” Social interaction is a trait that comes naturally to Annie, so a hands on job is the perfect fit for her. When asked about different opportunities her job as presented to her, her answer was pretty similar. ” Starbucks has given me the opportunity to meet new people and it’s definitely one of the highlights of going

to work. I’ve also gained the opportunity to make new friends. My coworkers are so funny and caring.” After starting her first job this past week, Le fit right in to this new atmosphere. Teamwork is a vey important part of maintaining a job. Without everyone on the same page, tasks won’t be completed as efficiently as they should be, further obstructing the flow of business.

Regardless of what is being sold, every workplace is different in what they focus on. When asked what Starbucks stands for, Annie said, ” Starbucks stands for the Starbucks experience. Which means that they pride themselves on making connections with their customers and employees. I completely agree with them. I love the welcoming environment of Starbucks and how they not only make sure their customers are satisfied and happy. They also really care about their partners health and satisfaction.” As she conquers the school year, Annie is using all the tips and tricks she has gained from working at Starbucks in order to aid her in making this one of the best years yet!