16 with New Freedoms – Dylan Bell


“Nah I have my own car. I really like it too.”

Eli Infanger, Staffer

(Photo By: https://www.flhsmv.gov/motor-vehicles-tags-titles/license-plates-registration/)

Turning 16 is a big turning point in life. It gives you the opportunity to be able to actually employed, and it gives you the ability to get your drivers license, if you had your permit for the year beforehand. Dylan Bell, a Junior at Sunlake High School, jumped on he opportunity to be able to make some extra cash, while also begin able to drive wherever he wanted too. I started by asking him if he was actually employed, and he stated “Yeah dude. I work every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.” He also makes minimum wage, which is around $ 7.25 an hour. I then asked about COVID and if that made job hunting or actual work any harder. “Funny you say that, I actually started working around the end of August, and have been working since. Masks are in effect, but it isn’t usually that busy so we don’t stress about them that much. Then, I started talking to him about his car and getting his license. He said “Yeah, I actually had to get my license a month or two later because of the virus.” We all love that virus. He really likes having his license, and he feels very responsible with it. I then asked him about his car, and if he has his own, or if he has to share with his family members. He replied with “Nah I have my own car. I really like it too.” I think this makes his work life easier, because he has the ease of just being able to leave, without having to ask his parents or older siblings if they need the car. Sure, COVID has made life more difficult, but people are still finding their way through this time, even if they just get minimum wage job. People are trying to make life go back to normal, and we should all respect and enjoy that.