Homecoming Skit- Ruben Calles


Mackenzie Southworth, Staff

The Senior skit was bitter-sweet, with all students grateful to have the opportunity to have fun, and feelings of heartwarming sadness penetrating them and their viewers, as it was the last time they were going to perform with the friends they have made over the years, in front of their familiar peers. In their best skit yet, this class performed with passion, an exciting plot relating to our school’s mascot, Seymour. Ruben Calles, Senior, participated whole-heartedly in his last skit performance as the main high school student. Ruben reflected back on his experience a few weeks later, still remembering the great time he had. “The senior skit was about the Sunlake Seahawks working to take back Seymour from the Hurrking (Hurricane King). I played Matthew, the lead high schooler that time traveled to save Seymour. I had a great time performing for my friends and family. The memories I made during skit made all the practicing worth it. Walking with my thank you poster and seeing my parents’ skit made me look forward to college and reminded me of all the people that have my back.” Like Ruben, many other seniors will forever remember this afternoon and night activity as a fun, exciting, and touching experience with the support of friends, family, and teachers that they will miss as they progress in their different journeys and paths.