She’s a lit teacher!


Claire Huffman

Mrs. Ramos teaching her AP Literature Class about the Crucible.

Claire Huffman, Staffer

Mrs. Ramos has been teaching for 16 years, all at Sunlake. Her favorite thing she’s taught this year was The Crucible with her AP Literature students. Along with The Crucible, she loves to teach poetry. When Mrs. Ramos isn’t teaching, she says, “[I enjoy] hanging out with my family, watching my daughter perform in plays and concerts, and building Legos with my youngest.” While Mrs. Ramos loves to hang out with her family, she also loves to read. Her favorite genre of books lately has been by historians, but she loves all genres. She explains, “my favorite book of all time is probably A Prayer for Owen Meaney by John Irving. I named my son Owen after that character.” Over the years, Mrs. Ramos’s favorite memory from teaching was from last year. “One of the graduates had been in my creative writing class years earlier. She decorated her cap with only a little note of encouragement I had written when she was my student. This was so surprising that she had saved it and so moving to see it on her cap! It was a great reminder of the power teachers have to make a difference. I will always treasure that memory.” Mrs. Ramos is the perfect example of a teacher who is always there for her students and wants the best for them.


Ms. Ramos instructing her class.