Trick Around the Track


Jenna Atiyeh, Staffer

Saturday, October 29th was a spooky spectacular event. Kids of all ages were invited to trick or treat around Sunlake High Schools track. Junior, Ava Edwards, says that her favorite part about the event was, “getting the opportunity to work the event with my friends, and we got to make little kids happy and gave them a special memory.” Ava dressed as pirate and she said that the idea just seemed right to her. “I was looking up various costume ideas, and being a pirate seemed like a good thing to dress up as.” As the Trick Around the Track becomes a new tradition at Sunlake High School, she says that, “Next year if we were to do something different, I would suggest that we should have matching costumes at our table to make it more fun for us as well for the kids.” For Sophomore, Hailey O’Nolan, she says that her favorite part about the event was, “interacting with the kids. Seeing them excited when winning our little game made me smile.” Hailey dressed as a scarecrow for the event and she was inspired to dress in that costume because, “there was a cute picture on Pinterest I saw. I thought it would be an easy last-minute costume and it wouldn’t be too hot to wear since I was there for quite a while.” As Sunlake continues with Trick Around the Track traditions, we are hoping for even more children to participate as well as our fellow Seahawks!