Sunlake’s Random Acts of Appreciation Club


Daniel Crane

A member of the Random acts of Appreciation Club handing out candy to a kid at Sunlake’s Trick or Treat around the track. A great way to give back to the local community!

Daniel Crane, Staffer

One of Sunlake High School’s clubs, the Random acts of Appreciation Club, is a place where students can meet and work on projects to show how much they care about those around them. Sophomore Maggie Chauncy explained how so far, the club has created a few different projects to show appreciation to various staff members around the school. Maggie explained why she attends the club, saying “I enjoy showing appreciation for people because other people do a lot for me, and I want to show that it matters.” Another student who attends the club, freshman Zara Gonzalez also explained, “At first I attended it to be with my friends, but I’ve started enjoying it a lot more because we do a lot of crafts.” Zara also said that being able to meet people is another part of the club she enjoys.

Both students also described the atmosphere of the club and how people in the club interact. Maggie said “It’s really nice. Everyone is super sweet, and everyone is willing to do the projects, even if they don’t know how to do it. We all figure it out.” Zara explained, “The people who run the club have been very welcoming, especially for my first year of high school.”

Clubs like the Random acts of Appreciation Club can be a great experience for students to get to know others, create a positive experience in the community, and simply have a good time. Students can also earn community service hours for helping out with certain clubs and students who go the extra mile might even get recognized for their efforts, depending on the club.