The Works Behind the National Science Honor Society


Julie Palmer

Gabby Gray and science teacher Mrs. Latimore

Jenna Atiyeh, Staffer

The National Science Honor Society is home to the Seahawks with the love and passion for science. Senior Gabby Gray she says that the most enjoyable part of being in the club is, “I enjoy doing the experiments the most and playing with what works for each experiment.” At the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, Gabby was elected as the president of this club. She says, “I have always enjoyed science class and Mrs. Latimore has been my teacher for two years.” She also says, “This is my first year in SNHS and I love it!” The National Science Honor Society has meetings every month. During these meetings, they have my different experiences. One experience Gabby will vividly remember is, “My favorite experiences so far has been being able to laugh with my friends in the club when experiments go wrong.” After this school year she, as well as the fellow senior Seahawks, will be graduating. The things she will miss the most about the club are “the amazing people I have met and the friendships I’ve built within the club.” Being the president of any club at Sunlake comes with many different types of responsibilities but some responsibilities that the president of the National Science Honor Society club, Gabby Gray, will miss the most about being the president are “helping students with experiments and problem solving. I also have the privilege of picking which experiments we do each month.”

Senior,Julie Palmer, performing an experiment (Gabby Gray)