Progressive Teens


Koen Devenny

Secretary Micheal lin of the Progressive teens club.

Koen Devenny, Staffer

With strong opposing political standpoints, global change, and rapid pollution, the Sunlake Seahawks have decided to take a stand with the progressive teens club. The progressive teens club “is a club where you talk about current events and how you can help others, with the main goal of healing our community as a whole.” New member and Secretary of the club, Michael Lin is extremely enthusiastic and excited to make a change. “I joined the progressive teens club because I wanted to help the community become the best it can. I enjoy helping others very much, especially the ones in my community and this club is a great resource to do that easily. Joining the club, I hope to better the community little by little as it will take a very long time to do.” The “progressive teens” do their best to spread their fortune and resources to those who don’t. “The club as a whole has the goal to help others who need it, whether its less fortunate kids during the holidays or veterans on Veterans day. We try our best to brighten everyone’s day with our actions. I encourage anyone with a passion for helping people to join this club and help our community grow together.”