3 Decades of Teaching Math


Ben Hock

Mrs. Camper in her classroom after school offering tutoring opportunities.

Ben Hock, Staffer

Mrs. Camper has taught a variety of subjects and grade levels, ranging from 6th graders to 12th graders, over her 34 years of teaching; currently she teaches Algebra 2 honors and Geometry honors at Sunlake. Mrs. Camper’s passion for teaching math is still as strong as ever because, as she put it, “everything in math is fun! While math is often seen as a difficult subject for many students, Mrs. Camper says that helping them work through the more difficult aspects is really rewarding. She also added that I really enjoy introducing kids to new concepts and having them get it for the first time, then they get all excited, and that’s just fun for them to, to finally have it click and understand.” Having taught math for so long, she has only gotten better at teaching the subject year after year. She even offers after school help to students if they can’t grasp the concepts taught during class. While she enjoys teaching the subject year round, she looks forward to teaching after testing season is over because then “we can take our time and delve into things rather than having to just hack away at the standards that are on the test. The time after testing season presents the opportunity to slow down and help prepare for their next year in math to help them get a step ahead of their peers. Mrs. Camper is always looking out for her students and always helps them succeed in their high school endeavors.

List of this weeks assignments neatly laid out to allow students to manage their time and know what’s coming next. (Ben Hock)