NHS Story


Jack Svendgard

Student getting award during meeting

The NHS or National Honor Society is a club at Sunlake that accepts only Juniors and Seniors based on their academic excellence. The key principles of the NHS, that they ensure to uphold, are service, character, scholarship, and citizenship. A junior in the club, Laeticia Raad, stated, “NHS allows like-minded students to come together and support their communities through service.” She explained how they do service projects like blood drives and food drives, and how they help students complete and get service hours that are so needed for things like Florida Bright Futures and college admission. Laeticia also expressed that NHS, “ensures that its members have shown their dedication to service and to being good well-rounded students.” To maintain a place in the club the participants have to keep up their grades and academic quality which gives students yet another motive to do better in school overall. The club does many things for the students but mostly prepares them for college and beyond by giving them opportunities for service hours and giving them another club to add to their resume. Further, the club also gives them a sense of community with other people they relate to and other people that uphold the same values as they do. All in all, the National Honor Society brings together the smart, strong, and confident students at Sunlake to create a unified community where all those can learn and participate in numerous academic activities.