Sunlake 2022 SNOWCO


Katelyn Madley

Junior Olivia Moore and Liam Infinger pose for a picture

Ryan Harris, Staffer

In 2022 Sunlakes Student Council tried to put together its first winter dance, SNOWCO—a winter homecoming. At first, ticket sales were slow—then it became a hot topic. Selling hundreds of tickets a day, it opened with a smashing success. Junior, Olivia Moore was one of the hundreds that had the pleasure to experience SNOWCOs first year. When asked about her experience she said “My experience at Snowco was that it was amazing. I met so many new people and got to hangout with people I don’t get to see as much. I also re-connected with some friends I haven’t talked to in at least a year. We all danced and had so much fun all night.” Since Olivia is still a junior, she still has time to experience one more year of SNOWCO that we can imagine the Student Council will put on again. When asked if she was looking forward to her senior year SNOWCO she said “Since I’m a junior and have the chance to have another winter dance next year, I really hope we do. It was a lot of fun and I think even more people will come next year. It’s sad to think some of us will be seniors and it’ll be our last chance to do fun extra things in high school.”